Certen Personal


This is a class A breathalyzer intended for individual use. The breathalyzer is particularly recommended to drivers – also those professional ones.

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Price: 299 zł

Certen Personal is a technologically advanced breathalyzer provided with a high quality electrochemical sensor and a pressure sensor. These are also the elements used in evidential breath testers supplied to the police. Owing to this, the measurement results are much more reliable than in the case of breathalyzers with a semiconductor sensor and electrochemical breathalyzers of lower class (those that are not equipped with a pressure sensor).

NOTE! During the sobriety test, the breathalyzer sensor is subjected to chemical reactions, which, as the number of measurements increases and the time passes by, decrease its sensitivity gradually. Therefore, at least once a year, the device must be subjected to the calibration process at the Certen’s authorised service centre.

Guarantee: 12 months, calibration every 500 measurements or once a year.

The set contains alkaline Duracell batteries.