Information for the Certen Website Users on cookies

This information has been prepared on the basis of provisions of article 173 of the Act of 16 July, 2004 on Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws from 2004, No. 171, item 1800 as amended)

We use cookies on our Website bearing the name Certen, hereinafter referred to as Website, available at the following internet addresses:,

What are cookies?

Cookies are IT data, most frequently in the form of text files, which are stored in the terminal equipment of the User of our Service. An example of the device of the End User is a computer (e.g. a desktop computer, laptop, tablet) or other mobile device (e.g. a smartphone).

In particular, cookies contain information provided on our Website visited by the User, the time of their storage in the terminal equipment of the user and their unique number. This information allows the User preferences to be remembered by our Service and us as its administrator, and to be individually customised.

Our Website does not collect and store automatically any IT data, which enable the User identification, except the data contained in the cookies.

How to manage cookies?

The Users can manage the cookies used on our Website by setting their web browsers appropriately. In particular, the User may delete the cookies which were previously saved by our Service in their terminal equipment. (see section ”What are cookies?”) by means of appropriate settings of their web browser.

Please be informed that majority of Web browsers allows saving and storing cookies by default - also by our Website – in User’s final device. However, these Users who do not give their consent to this, may change the settings of their web browsers at any time in order to block the automatic cookie handling.

Details on how the User can change the settings of their web browser should be searched by the User on the websites of entities which make this software (web browsers) available.

For example, in case of:

1)        Mozilla Firefox:

In the “Tools”  menu select ”Options” and the ”Privacy” tab in them.

The browser makes it possible for the User to indicate that they do not want to be tracked at all, or to delete single cookies of the respective sites.

2)        Microsoft Internet Explorer:

In the ”Tools” menu select ”Internet options” and the ”Privacy” tab.

The User can regulate the overall privacy level by means of a scroll bar or manage the settings of the respective internet services by clicking the “Sites” button.

3)        Google Chrome:

In the menu available in the right upper corner of the browser, select ”Tools”, and then ”Clear browsing data...”. As well as the option of deletion of the cookies, there is a link ”More information”, which leads to the detailed description of the browser privacy functions.

4)        Apple Safari:

In the browser menu select ”Preferences”, and then the ”Privacy” tab. Numerous options concerning cookies are available there.

However, the User should bear in mind that the exclusions or limitations applied by them with regard to handling cookies by their web browsers may result in the lack of access to specific functionalities of our Service. Should you have questions or experience any issues, please contact us. The contact details are provided in the Regulations of our Service and in the Cookie Policy tab.

What do we use the cookies for?

As we have mentioned above, , we use cookies within the framework of our Service in order to adapt its content, including any provided text information, better to the preferences of a given User.

The cookies enable us to draw up the so called webstats (obviously anonymous!), owing to which we find out how the Users used our Service, and this, in turn, allows a conclusion to be drawn as to the direction in which we should further develop our Service.

The application of cookies by us allows the efficient navigation of our Service by Users, especially after logging in, as they need not enter their login and password each time they go to other pages of our Service.

What types of cookies do we use?

In our Service, we use two basic types of cookies:

1)        ”Session cookies”, which are stored in the terminal equipment of the User until a page of our Service is left or the web browser is closed;

2)        ”Permanent cookies”, which are stored in the terminal equipment of the user for the time specified in the parameters of ”permanent cookies” or until the time of their deletion by the User; 

The cookies used by our Service may also be used by the advertisers cooperating with the Service and the entities which create anonymous webstats commissioned by the Service.