INFORMATION POLICY of the Certen company

This document regulates the activity of the Certen company in terms of the provision of information to journalists and the mass media.

Certen recognises the need of active participation in developing the civil society and in exercising the universal right to freedom of the press and other mass media, arising from the Polish constitution, whose task is to collect and publish information about the public life. 

The press and other mass media activity referred to in the Act on the Press Law, concerning the business activity of Certen, provided that it does not represent the infringement of the law, is not limited in any way. In this respect, Certen acts with confidence and trust and claims that the mission of the press is to serve the society and that its duty is to present the reality fairly and objectively based each time on the accurate verification of the sources of information and contents of the publications, especially in case of critical materials. 

The press and information activities in Certen, contributing to the implementation of the principles mentioned above, are conducted by and are the responsibility of the PR & marketing department [email protected], which are authorised by the Management Board of Certen to: 

1] prepare and make press releases as well as press, photographic, film and sound materials available 2] inform the mass media about the actions taken by Certen 3] organise official press presentations, conferences and meetings with representatives of Certen and the experts cooperating with it 4] represent Certen during public conferences and presentations 5] give answers to questions asked by journalists and the mass media 6] respond to the press criticism 7] request the publication of correction of inaccurate or untrue information contained in the press material.

At the same time, Certen reserves the right not to disclose the following Information to the mass media: 1] technical, technological or organisational information which has the economic value and constitutes the company secret 2] information whose disclosure could infringe upon the legally protected third party interests. Pursuant to the ethical principles applicable at Certen, any information communicated to the mass media are provided by Certen for publication and use without any charges or hidden material or personal benefits offered to journalists.

When it comes to the internal communication, the Public Affairs Officer and the Press Office are obliged to provide technical assistance to other organisational units of Certen in the preparation and communication of the information intended for the B2C Consumers and B2B Customers, in particular via internet social media.