General information


Certen breathalyzers are equipped with top class platinum electrochemical sensors which are responsible for the measurement accuracy. During the sobriety test, this element is subjected to chemical reactions, which, as the number of measurements increases and the time passes by, gradually decrease the sensor’s sensitivity. This is a natural process, which affects all electrochemical sensors, including those used in evidential breath testers supplied to the law enforcement. Therefore, each breathalyzer should be subjected to regular calibration depending on the intensity of use or the passing of time.


Principles of calibration


The Certen Personal breathalyzer must be calibrated at least every 500 measurements or every year. The cost of shipping of the device to the service centre is covered by the Customer and its shipment back to the user is free of charge. The price of the calibration service is PLN 49 – it is a necessary process to maintain the reliable indications of the device.

The Certen Professional breathalyzer should be calibrated at least once in 6 months or every 1000 measurements made. The cost of this service is PLN 99. The cost of shipping the device to the service centre is covered by the Customer and its shipment back to the user is free of charge.

The required frequency of calibrations may increase, if the breathalyzer is not stored in accordance with the instructions (e.g. at an excessively low or high temperature) or as a consequence of improper use (e.g. by performance of measurements immediately after alcohol consumption, when its residues still remain in the subject’s mouth).


Replacement of the sensor


Calibration may impossible, if the electrochemical sensor per se is damaged, which may happen when the principles of its use are not observed or as a consequence of the natural process of wear-and-tear of the components. In such a case, the service centre notifies the Customer of this fact and gives them a choice whether they want to cover the costs of sensor replacement or whether they prefer to have the breathalyzer sent back without any repairs. The sensor replacement service in the case of the Certen Personal model constitutes the gross cost of PLN 119, and in the case of the Certen Professional model – PLN 249.


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