About the brand


So far, the breathalyzer market has been in chaos. Customers, unfamiliar with the subject, did not know the difference between a good electrochemical breathalyzer and a cheap and unreliable Semiconductor breathalyzer. Unreliable companies allowed themselves to sell products of very low  quality, under the names associated with certainty and reliability. However, it is worth becoming aware that there is no single product bearing the name “breathalyzer”. What counts is the quality and the type of subassemblies.

 Certen produces only class A breathalyzers, that is, the highest possible class. This means that the products offered by Certen are equipped both with the high quality electrochemical sensor and the pressure sensor – the elements used in breathalyzers supplied to the law enforcement authorities.

The reliable indication of the alcohol level may determine our own or other people’s life and death. No risk can be taken on this issue, therefore Certen does not market Semiconductor breathalyzers whose results are, by nature, of dubious accuracy. Contrary to other companies, our offer does not include many models of breathalyzers in different prices. Why? The answer is obvious – either a breathalyzer provides proper indications or it does not. In this respect there is no room for graduation of measurement accuracy bound with an increase in the price of the device!

Breathalyzer classes

Certen Personal is a class A product intended for individual users. It ensures very high measurement accuracy, therefore this device is necessary for each driver who is not a complete teetotaler.

Certen Professional is a class A breathalyzer intended for professional applications. Its use does not require a mouthpiece (the blowing is performed from a distance), which works well in case of testing a large number of subjects. Also, the operation of the breathalyzer itself is characterised by an increased speed, owing to which it is possible to verify the sobriety of many persons efficiently. Certen Professional will prove its value in construction companies, forwarding companies, factories, at mass events and in all the places where the efficient testing of a large number of persons is required.

The offer of Certen products is complemented by a breath alcohol test, that is, a disposable breathalyzer. It helps to determine whether the alcohol content in the exhaled air exceeds 0.2 ‰, which as such is a limit value for driving vehicles, especially in Sweden, Norway and Poland. The Certen breath tester fulfils the highest standards, which is confirmed by the American FDA certificate, issued by the government agency – Food and Drug Administration Agency from the United States.

Certen is the only brand recommended by Krzysztof Hołowczyc, an accomplished rally driver known for his responsibility and involvement in the struggle for safety on roads.