Certen Professional


The police-class breathalyzers recommended to companies and institutions, which require their employees to remain sober.

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Price: 1 299 zł

Certen Professional is the next generation screening breathalyzer. The device is characterised by very high speed of operation, and the measurement result is presented both on the display and by means of legible light signals – the green colour means that the there is no alcohol content in the exhaled air, and the red colour warns about alcohol detection.

Certen Professional breathalyzer allows a large number of measurements to be carried out at short intervals, owing to which it is used by companies and institutions to control the sobriety of their employees. Owing to the application of the technology which enables testing alcohol content by blowing the air from a short distance, the device does not require any mouthpiece. The technical solutions used in the breathalyzer are also used in breath testers supplied to the police.

NOTE! During the sobriety test, the Certen Professional breathalyzer sensor is subjected to chemical reactions, which, as the time passes by, decrease its sensitivity gradually. Therefore, at least once a year or every 1000 measurements, the device must be subjected to the calibration process at the Certen’s authorised service centre.

Warranty: 12 months, calibration every 1000 measurements or once a year.

The set contains alkaline Duracell batteries.